iKnowMed EHI Export Capabilities

iKnowMed’s- EHI Export capabilities enable the extraction of the electronic health record (EHR) from iKnowMed in the form of a zip file, which contains files in a machine-readable format in accordance with §170.315(b)(10) Electronic Health Information export of the ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification Criteria.

The b10 EHI Export zip file contains the electronic health information available in a patient's iKnowMed record in a computable, Pipe Delimited file format. A pipe delimited file is a type of file that stores data in a table format, where the data values are separated by a special character called a pipe (|).

Refer to the (b) (10) Data Dictionary for more information about the data included in each of the tables in the export.

The content included in the export varies based on the following factors:

  • The iKnowMed features in use by the healthcare organization that generates the file.
  • Configuration decisions made by the healthcare organization.
  • The healthcare organization's clinical utilization of iKnowMed.
  • The documentation in place at the healthcare organization.