Clinical Data Views TM

Precision oncology datasets at the speed of business

Understand the full patient journey with purpose-calibrated real-world oncology data

Clinical Data ViewsTM are de-identified longitudinal patient-level real-world oncology datasets built to reflect standard of care based on NCCN guidelines. They are powered by data from more than 2.5 million patients and span more than 80 cancer types.

Identify opportunities and risks along any part of your product lifecycle

Clinical Data Views are available in three fit-for-purpose options, each expertly designed to support specific types of RWD analyses across the clinical-commercial continuum.


All standard options can be customized in two distinct ways to augment their utility in line with more complex types of RWD analyses:

  • By replacing standard data elements with others within the EHR data dictionary
  • By enriching content via additional elements from one or more of the bolt-on datasets available

Incremental Variable Packages

Reimbursement Claims

Over 20 structured fields associated with all aspects of drug claims to characterize payments, denials, time-lags, patient OOP, payer type, procedure codes, NDCs and much more


Abstracted fields linked with all clinically and strategically relevant aspects of biopsy-related clinico-genomic tests, including name of pathology labs, types of test, lag times between sample collection and final reports.

Practice-Dispensed Drugs

Exhaustive structured data on all oral drugs dispensed to patient during visits to the community oncology providers; ideal to complement specialty pharmacy dynamics analysis as well as correlation of provider services associated with patients’ treatment compliance.

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