Ontada Health Outcomes Powered by Evidence (HOPE) Studies

At Ontada, we believe in the power of conducting retrospective research with real-world oncology data to answer some of the most pressing questions in cancer. We also recognize that providers are just as passionate about leading research to help patients’ lives. That is why we launched Health Outcomes Powered by Evidence (HOPE)TM Studies to partner with oncologists in The US Oncology Network to identify, conduct and publish new studies to better understand clinical practice and advance cancer research.

What is an Ontada HOPE Study?

A HOPE Study addresses a barrier or gap in community oncology to stimulate dialogue and improve health disparities in cancer care. Our goal is to leverage oncology practice expertise, real-world evidence capabilities, and direct patient population engagement to collaboratively answer questions that would be considered a major advancement by the entire oncology community.

For our first area of focus, we are examining research questions that help to address health disparities in cancer care. We will focus on research that applies a non-interventional, retrospective methodology. Over time, we will expand the program to consider additional areas of interest and potentially other methodologies.

Selection Criteria

Research proposals will be reviewed by a committee of Ontada and The US Oncology Network leaders who will assess each proposal against the following dimensions:

  1. Focus areas: At the outset, HOPE Studies will focus on research questions that help to address health disparities in cancer care. Over time, the program may expand to additional areas of interest.
  2. Feasibility: The proposed study needs to be conducted via non-interventional, retrospective research with an adequate sample size and power to address the question.
  3. Impact on cancer care: The answers to the research proposal need to have the potential to impact the way cancer care is delivered and/or improve cancer patient outcomes.


HOPE Studies are open to providers in The US Oncology Network who use the iKnowMed electronic health record and have executed a Research Services Agreement with US Oncology Research that includes retrospective research services. Providers who wish to submit research proposals must agree to serve as principal investigator (PI) on the study if accepted. Selected proposals will receive dedicated Ontada resources to operationalize, conduct, and publish the research.

Eligible members of The US Oncology Network can click here for more information about HOPE Studies, including steps to submit a proposal.

Contact Us

For questions about HOPE Studies, please contact research@ontada.com.