I’m excited to introduce you to Ontada. While we’re no stranger to oncology (learn about our legacy here), today we’re launching a new brand that brings to life our vision of transforming the fight against cancer. We are partnering with the largest community oncology network and with innovators in life sciences to create actionable insights that will improve the lives of those fighting cancer at every pivotal point of the journey.

So, why did we decide to create this new brand? To answer this, I want to start by sharing what a brand means to us. A brand is not just a name or a logo – a brand is contextual and experiential, and it works in two ways: it’s how we define who we are and it’s also how the world understands us and the role we play.

While we were already doing the important work that serves as the foundation of Ontada, the new Ontada brand shapes how we connect with our partners and how we tell our story.

How we make connections that are pivotal to progress


At the core of Ontada and the work we do is our desire to create an ecosystem of collaboration, innovation and support as we work together with our partners across the industry to transform cancer care. 

Our leading technologies used by thousands of community oncologists allow us to have touchpoints throughout the patient journey, providing us with important insights. Using this real-world data, we activate turning points for both our providers, enabling them to make informed care decisions, and for life sciences, helping them to develop safe and effective therapies. Because much of our data comes from our proprietary technologies, we are able to work with our network of providers to shape how we collect these meaningful insights.

Launching the Ontada brand helps us convey the powerful connections that we make throughout the spectrum of care. It helps our team members and partners see that we are working together towards one vision: transforming the fight against cancer.

How we tell our story

The connected ecosystem we create is vital to who we are and to the story we want to tell. We want to meet our partners where they are and work together to move cancer care forward. Creating a new, focused brand was an important step in sharing this vision with the world.

The Ontada brand is characterized by our human-centered and forward-thinking approach. Our technologies and insights serve as the foundation – but it is the connections we form throughout the industry that power us. Every part of our visual identity was chosen to make people feel at ease, confident, hopeful and energized.

At Ontada, we want to turn complexity into clarity, so that cancer no longer feels like a ‘fight’ for anyone – patients, providers and industry alike.