Real-World Data

Market Insights

Turn real-world caution into real-world confidence

Inform every stage of your commercial strategy with real-world oncology data (RWD) from Ontada. Get clarity on everything from product utilization to treatment patterns – paving the way for you to optimize every aspect of how your therapy is experienced by providers and patients.

Data from “first mile” to “last mile”

Ontada gives you the clearest view into the full cancer patient journey. Our proprietary oncology electronic health record (EHR) and other technologies are used by one of the largest community oncology networks in the United States, allowing us to capture clinical and genomic data elements at the point-of-care.


Our offerings

Clinical Data ViewsTM

Structured and enriched data downloads available for over 150 fields to help you conduct your own analysis


Aggregated data that’s structured and customized into easy-to-navigate files to help you facilitate hypothesis-driven data interrogation

Real-Time Alerts

Targeted, actionable notifications triggered by customer-specific clinical, reimbursement or claims diagnoses that align to your objectives

Data Licensing

Broad access and use rights to our real-world data (RWD) to support your most important commercial and clinical goals